Sunday Mornings

8:30 am – Holy Eucharist
(Book of Common Prayer)

This service is conducted in the traditional
language found in the Book of Common
Prayer (BCP).  This is a quieter, spoken service.

9:45 am – Holy Grounds

After the 8:30 service, people are welcome
to gather for a time of coffee, snacks,
and discussion based on one of the readings of the day.

10:30 am – Holy Eucharist
(Book of Alternative Services)

This celebration of the Eucharist is
in contemporary language, compared to
the Elizabethan English as found in the
8:30 BCP service. This is our main service
with plenty of music.  There is an area to the
side where children can play quietly as there is
no Sunday School program at this time.

From the Sunday of the May Victoria Day long weekend until the Sunday of the Labour Day long weekend in September, we have just one Sunday morning service at 10 am.

I enjoy the style of worship, especially in a community where no one is anonymous. It feels like a family, which might be intimidating because it’s hard to break into a family, but St Augustine’s is open and welcoming.”







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