About Us

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Who we are

We’re a diverse community – young and old, able-bodied and physically challenged, employed and unemployed. We’re married, single, divorced, straight and gay, from a wide variety of cultural origins. Lots of our members love St Augustine’s so much they come from as far away as Mississauga.

We’re not a club – anybody can belong – but we really care about the members of our parish family, and make time for each other. We’re also committed to the challenge of following Christ in our secular society, providing opportunities for study and discussion. St Augustine’s is known for our progressive stance on the issues debated in the Church today, supporting same-sex relationships, shared leadership and contemporary worship.

The spiritual journey

We walk together, learning to be followers of Jesus of Nazareth, continuing his work of bringing hope and wholeness. As we grow into our baptismal promises, we discover new ways of helping people in need, working for justice, and trying to model a community of Christ’s radically inclusive love.

St Augustine’s is unapologetically liberal (ie, progressive), rooted in the Anglican way of being Christian. We value the opinions and gifts of all our members, recognizing the importance of each person’s ministry, supported by our clergy.  We listen to what God’s Spirit is saying to us in the Bible, taking it seriously, but not literally. We value both tradition and intellect, so you don’t have to “leave your brain at the door.” We value prayer, open discussion, preaching and worship as ways to meet God.