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“I love the sense of community most. We came because it was welcoming, and stayed because it’s become an extended family. We wanted our children to grow up in a church. We have our differences around transitions and change — so we’re not perfect.” Mary

The Anglican Church of Saint Augustine of Canterbury is located at 1847 Bayview Avenue, on the north-east corner of Broadway Avenue.



We have about 20 parking spaces in the church lot, and there’s street parking on Sunday morning.


A bus stop is located directly in front of the church. Sunday mornings can be a bit trickier when trying to get around the city, so be sure to plan ahead.

If the subways are running, it’s easiest to catch a bus from either Davisville or Eglinton Station (Yonge Line 1) if travelling north towards the church, or Bayview (Sheppard Line 4) if travelling south.

Davisville – Both Bus 11A and 11C go east on Davisville and north on Bayview. Give yourself about 20 minutes from the station.

Eglinton – The following busses will get you close by:

  • 34 Eglinton East
  • 51 Leslie
  • 54 Lawrence East
  • 56 Leaside
  • 100 Flemingdon Park

Get off at Bayview Avenue and Eglinton. It’s a 5 minute walk uphill (North) on Bayview to the church, or you can wait for the 11A bus heading north.  It’s about about a 20 minute journey from the station (counting the walk uphill), though with the level of construction currently happening on Eglinton, that can be a very long 20 minutes.

Bayview (Sheppard Line 4)
Take the 11A bus south. No bus travels early enough for the 8:30am service.

 Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.21.44 PM“The Church of Saint Augustine of Canterbury stands high on a lofty hill in the heart of Metropolitan Toronto.  From the beginning it was felt that it should be an imposing structure in keeping with its unique location on the most prominent height of land in the [area].  As the visible sign of the spiritual presence of God in the community, it was decided that it should be built in the most striking style of the most durable substance, […] stone taken from the valley of the Credit River.” (Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury: Memoir and Appreciation, 1996)

Entering the building

Saint Augustine’s has three entrances:

  • The Broadway Entrance (south side of the church, with many stairs)
  • The Bayview Entrance (north side near the sidewalk), with a Stair Glide,
    a motorized seat that carries you up the steps, and
  • The Office Wing Entrance (in the corner of the parking lot).

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.24.24 PM



Just a heads up, there are a lot of stairs! To make our space more accessible to everyone in our community, we have a portable ramp from the parking lot leading to a stair glide. You’ll need to transfer from your wheelchair. Someone will carry it up to the main level while you glide up the stairs, then you transfer back to your chair. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to accommodate battery-powered wheelchairs or scooters, yet, but we’re always discerning how we can make our space more accessible. Once you’re upstairs, you’ll have access to the main floor, including the worship area and washroom.

Visiting for the first time

If you arrive early, please join us for free coffee in the Bracken Room (just down the hall from the Church Office).

As you come into the worship space, you’ll be warmly welcomed, and given a program which has everything you’ll need for worship in one convenient booklet. Large-print programs are also available.

In the North-East corner of the worship space, you’ll see our children’s area and baptistry. At the main service, there’s an option for your kids to either stay with you in church, or join our WonderKids! program—they’ll be back in time to join us for Communion.

During worship, we sing, listen to readings from the Bible, and a sermon relating the scriptures to our lives, pray, and gather around the altar for communion.

After church, we get together informally for refreshments. We hope you’ll join us so we can get to know each other.

Come as you are, there’s no dress code. Bring a friend. We’ll do our very best to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. We want you to feel at ease and relaxed—and to have fun. We hope you’ll experience God’s presence at St Augustine’s.