Our Ministry Plan


In 2012, under the guidance of interim priest John Wilton, St Augustine’s created a five-year Ministry Plan, committing ourselves  to four innovative changes:

To Knock Down the Walls
We recognize that that there are metaphorical walls separating us from the community around us, and we’re committed to a new openness with the neighbourhood. We also know that our building looks like a fortress, so we hope to open up the wall along Bayview and create a more welcoming entrance.

To Take the Dance Outside
We’re an unusually progressive and creative parish, and we’d love others to see the Love which energizes us. We’re committed to getting to know our neighbours better, and to find out what God’s doing in North Leaside so that we can join that dance too.

To Help People Up the Stairs
We’re the kind of parish where people truly care about each other, helping folks when they need it, and catching them if they fall. We’re unhappy that our building wasn’t designed to be accessible to people with physical handicaps—there are way too many steps. We’ve installed a Stair Glide just inside the door from the parking lot closest to Bayview Avenue, but we know that’s a temporary measure, and are committed to finding a way to make St Augustine’s truly accessible for everyone.

To Draw the Circle Wide
We’re an incredibly friendly parish, and we celebrate the diversity of our people. We want to build on our strengths, and are committed to being more purposeful about inviting and welcoming others into our extraordinary community of faith.