About Us

We’re an Anglican church community in North Leaside, Toronto, serving and praying with our neighbours and inviting people into relationship with God’s love and joy, known in Jesus Christ. We strive to be a welcoming, inclusive, and affirming community.

Clergy and Staff

Parish Leadership

The general administration at St. Augustine’s is led by the rector’s warden and the people’s warden. The rector’s warden is appointed by the parish priest and the people’s warden is elected by the members. The wardens, in collaboration with the priest, are responsible for the financial and general management of the church. Wardens are supported by a deputy warden, the treasurer, and the church administrator and music director.

This leadership team is supported by the Advisory Board and several committees including Outreach, Pastoral Care, Building and Capital Projects, and Stewardship.

The parish leadership and all the members who support them work to the highest standards of diligence and transparency. Rewards and responsibilities are widely shared among the community; everyone is invited to participate in leadership, and many of our members have taken roles serving the church and our community. Always, the focus is on enjoying what we do and the fellowship of our community. We’re active in our faith, our caring for each other, and our contribution to the community and our society at large.