Your wedding day and the beginning of your marriage is a momentous occasion. Our clergy and staff welcome the opportunity to meet with you and explore the ways in which we can be a part of your wedding day, and the days that follow, as you begin your new life together as a married couple.

The information here is intended to help answer any questions you may have about getting married at St. Augustine of Canterbury.

A good first step is to come and worship with us any Sunday morning and introduce yourself to the priest. Come and see if this church community “feels right” for you and your guests. A follow-up meeting with the priest can then be booked. Dates and availability are confirmed through the church office.

The priest officiating at your wedding will want to meet with you a few times. An initial conversation with the priest will cover topics such as availability, fees, policies, and details about the service you’d like to plan. Couples who are married at St. Augustine’s are expected to attend a marriage preparation course, which will help you explore topics that will impact your life together. A conversation with the parish priest follows your completion of the course. As well, you can expect the priest to lead a wedding rehearsal with you.

Anglican priests are permitted to perform wedding ceremonies at venues apart from the church. The same preparation is required and the priest must follow an approved ceremonial rite, including the text of the vows. The priest is also required to “look like a priest” and wear the robes and vestments of their office. Please be in touch with our priest if you’d like to make these arrangements.

Our Director of Music can play the organ or piano at your wedding service and can help you select music suitable for the kind of ceremony you’d like plan.

It’s your responsibility to make arrangements for a marriage licence, which is required for all marriages performed by our priest. You may remember a tradition called “reading of the banns.” This can be done at the request of the couple, but it no longer replaces a marriage licence.

At St. Augustine we are proud to offer equal marriage ceremonies to all couples seeking to get married. Details are available through our parish priest.

We invite you to consider having your marriage blessed and solemnized at St. Augustine of Canterbury.

This Anglican Church celebrates Equal Marriage. All couples seeking marriages are invited to contact us.