Reception into the Anglican Communion

Many of us are shaped by or even “inherit” the religious tradition we grew up in. Some of us, as we live and grow in our life of faith, discover that another Christian denomination and tradition is a better “fit.”

Some who come to the Anglican Church already baptized as a Christian want to publicly solemnize this new commitment. Sometimes, an Anglican’s partner from a different Christian tradition wishes to formally join the Anglican Church, even though the church doesn’t require a formal “conversion.” For them, the rite of Reception into the Anglican Communion may be appropriate. No new vows are made, as we recognize the initiation rites of the other Christian traditions. In this rite, the bishop lays hands on the candidate and prays:

We recognize you as a member of the one holy catholic and apostolic Church, and we receive you into the fellowship of this Communion. God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, bless, preserve, and keep you. Amen.

Contact our priest for more information. This rite requires the presence of a bishop and scheduling this ceremony depends on the bishop’s availability. The bishop typically visits us once a year and candidates may be asked to wait until the next visit to schedule this event.